Located on an elevated site in Fremantle, the three terrace houses overlook Fremantle harbour, with views to the Indian Ocean and islands to the west.

Entry to the houses is through the basement level and accessed via a shared driveway, hidden behind a large heritage retaining wall salvaged from the original site. Light wells in the guise of sunken gardens visually terminate the entry vista, drawing through a double height entry walkway to a glazed light-filled lobby.

Transparency in the planning allows all spaces including rear outdoor areas access to views and natural light, regardless of hierarchy or location. Large projecting balconies overlook the dramatic natural and urban setting, offering visual privacy between the street and living areas.

The focal point of each house is a horseshoe-shaped stairwell servicing its four levels and terminating at the roof with a mechanically-operated glass lid. This acts as both a heat ventilator for the house and access-way to the roof terrace. A series of rainwater tanks at the rear of each house collect water from the roof, which is then diverted to service toilets, washing machines and reticulate the gardens.