The site slopes in two directions, one across the front property line and the other in the opposite direction toward the rear of the site. Taking into account this topography, each dwelling has a different base floor level reflecting the varying height limits. This results in each individual apartment stepping down the hillside, reducing the apparent scale of the building. Three apartments are configured in an east-west arrangement and positioned on the east side of the site. The fourth runs north-south along the west boundary. The roof of this apartment becomes a landscaped roof terrace for the other three dwellings.

The entire site has been excavated to allow for a large underground basement providing parking for 12 cars, service areas, wine cellars and storerooms. Each apartment has a private basement entry with lift access to the levels above. Facing the ocean, the living areas and main bedrooms are on the first floor, with the main entry, study and two other bedrooms on the ground floor. Entrances to the three rear dwellings have open staircases forming high clerestory-lit spaces with views through the house to landscaping beyond.

A common walkway through the site gives public access to each dwelling. Voids above the walkway provide natural light to the spaces below. Gardens, ponds and light wells create vistas to confined spaces outside. Planter boxes on the roof terraces are used as balustrades as well as giving privacy to the residents and neighbours.